Another View: Asking for the Midwest: Is this trade war necessary?

China said it was not afraid of a trade war, even though it did not seek one, and accused the U.S. of provoking the conflict.

Amid our escalating trade war with China, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, tried to assure investors that, despite roiling stock markets, a "pot of gold" lies at the end of the dispute.

The United States Trade Representative Office released details of goods imported from China worth about US$50 billion that it planned to hit with 25 percent tariffs, with the emphasis on industrial and hi-tech goods.

In the CNBC interview, Mnuchin avoided directly answering whether the United States and China were in active negotiations to avert a trade war. "So essentially if this becomes a reality two months later, this will be a disastrous situation for USA agriculture".

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended down almost 575 points, or 2.3 percent, at 23,932.76 after sinking more than three percent earlier. American net farm income in 2018 is expected to fall to a 12-year low, according to USDA Economic Research Service's most recent 2018 Farm Sector Income Forecast.

Both the US and China will lose from a trade war, but the USA stands to lose more, and it will be an entirely preventable, self-inflicted loss. Our neighbors in Nebraska and South Dakota face similar economic pain.

Before it's too late. In a speech at the Economic Club of Chicago on Friday, Fed chair Jerome Powell said it was "too early to say" what the result of a trade war would be on the US economic outlook.

China commented on Trump's announcement saying it was fully prepared to respond. "The risk is that the threat-for-threat process spins out of control and we end up in a position in which leadership on both sides find it hard to negotiate to a suitable outcome", he said.

China retaliated by unveiling planned levies on $50 billion worth of major United States exports including soybeans, cars and small aircraft.

The targeting China for unfair trade practices and the trade deficit.

"Economic data and forecasts from the IMF, OECD, World Bank and others have been revised steadily upwards over the previous year, which would tend to indicate a sustained recovery of trade in 2018 following strong trade growth in 2017", Agah said. That move was a direct reaction to the tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods that the White House detailed on Tuesday.

He said he had also instructed agricultural officials to implement a plan to protect United States farmers and agricultural interests. Already in the crosshairs of Chinese retaliation are USA exports of $6 billion in motor vehicles and $16 billion worth of civilian aircraft. Both sides have been careful to leave time for further negotiations in an effort to prevent the tariffs from taking effect. Which is also, not likely.

Kudlow, who has repeatedly sought to soothe markets with mention of possible talks, told Bloomberg Television there were always ongoing bilateral discussions on trade but that negotiations on tariffs had not begun.

"We are on a risky downward spiral and American families will be on the losing end", Shay added in a statement, urging Trump " to stop playing a game of chicken with the U.S. economy".

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