White House says Trump must see 'concrete steps'

Deal with North Korea very much in the making US President Donald Trump

Deal with North Korea very much in the making US President Donald Trump

The remark by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders came a day after Trump accepted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's invitation to a summit on the regime's denuclearization.

Xi praised the "positive aspiration" of President Donald Trump to achieve a political settlement of the Korean peninsula issue after the U.S. leader agreed to meet Kim Jong Un, state news agency Xinhua added. Chung said Kim had offered to put Pyongyang's nuclear and missile program on the table. And a senior Administration official said it would happen in "a couple of months" but the "exact timing and place is still to be determined".

Rice said there are steps that could be taken to make the meeting productive, but she expressed caution in describing the meeting as "high risk" and commenting that Trump "may not have the temperament" to execute a successful meeting.

Kim then called Trump a "lunatic and loser".

He mentioned "rocket man" once more on January 2, while doubting North Korea's attempts to communicate with the South, but this was the last such reference.

In January, Trump and South Korea's Moon agreed to postpone Foal Eagle and Key Resolve during the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in the South Korean ski resort of Pyeongchang.

Asked why anyone should trust Kim Jong Un this time - after other promises which were not fulfilled - Sanders simply said there would not be any movement forward, unless there are "concrete" actions by the North Koreans.

"Back when all this began, you might remember the tough talk from President Trump and the left was kind of going insane and said [Trump] would start World War III", the Illinois Republican told Fox News' "America's Newsroom".

The Trump White House broke from the style of traditional American diplomacy by directly threatening the North Korean communist regime over it nuclear strategic challenge and spotlighting its horrific human rights abuses. The U.S. and North Korea could reach a historic agreement on denuclearization.

She added that "in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain".

Today's state-controlled evening news in the North led with an item on greetings being exchanged between the North and officials in Syria and Venezuela, before cutting to a propaganda film about the Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula - which ended in 1945.

"He was kept fully informed of yesterday's White House meetings as they progressed", Goldstein said. What if Kim insists the summit be held in North Korea's capital?

Trump at his United Nations speech, where he referred to Kim as "rocket man" in front of hundreds of diplomats.

"The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation, and we have a country out there - North Korea, which is sort of wacko, not a bunch of dummies - and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons", Mr Trump said.

"Nothing is changing from the United States position", Sanders said.

The agreements, which follow a flurry of cooperative steps taken by the Koreas during last month's Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, brightened prospects for a dialogue between North Korea and the United States over the North Korea's nuclear programme. That event became the venue for a series of carefully orchestrated diplomatic overtures, which were reciprocated with a visit by a South Korean delegation to Pyongyang. At one meeting, he said previous missile tests had caused Moon to schedule early morning national security meetings.

"The president has been very clear, that I'm willing to talk under the right conditions", he said.

Kim and the officials shared several bottles of wine, liquor made of ginseng and Pyongyang soju, the official said.

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