Vivo shows off concept smartphone with pop-up camera and in-display speakers

Even more secure than scanning one fingerprint? Scanning two.                  Andrew Hoyle  CNET

Even more secure than scanning one fingerprint? Scanning two. Andrew Hoyle CNET

Vivo isn't saying whether the scanner is provided by Synaptics, as was the case with the X20 Plus UD.

Well, that's not the only thing that's cool about the Vivo APEX. Besides, the other highlights of this concept phone are its state of the art camera and speaker technologies.

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo teased its new APEX Full View concept phone on its Facebook and Weibo accounts. The APEX just happens to take this goal to new heights.

On the top and down both sizes there's a gap of just 1.8mm, while the bottom bezel isn't that much thicker at 4.3mm. We can say it's not just nearly bezel-less but now truly bezel-less. This is beyond impressive. Short of developing a camera that can see through the display panel, manufactures like Apple and Essential have resorted to cutting out a portion of the screen to make room for it, a.k.a. the notch. This address the concern of in-display fingerprint scanners being limited to the thumbnail-sized icon to unlock the phone. It is worth noting that Vivo was the first tech company to design a phone with a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

What Vivo did to the APEX is make the bottom half of the OLED screen. The Screen SoundCasting Technology sends vibrations through the display without the need for a traditional loudspeaker. This basically means that you can place your finger anywhere on the lower half of the screen and activate the biometric sensor.

Traditionally smartphones sported the fingerprint sensor at the bottom bezel of phones.

Concept phones are pretty great, especially the ones directly from the manufacturers that focus on exciting new features for future devices.

The last of the three new features is what Vivo calls "SoundCasting", which means the phone will vibrate to give physical, haptic feedback for when audio is playing. In fact, it does not have a microphone, instead, it uses the SounCasting technology similar to the one found on the Mi MIX, which turns the entire display into a speaker. The two fingerprints don't even need to belong to the same person - Vivo's rep told me that spouses can store their prints together so both can unlock a phone together.

Vivo also has reduced the space taken by circuit board by almost 60%. This should allow the APEX to have more space for a larger battery, along with better cooling so there's less danger of the phone overheating.

Vivo Apex features an 8MP front-facing snapper that is hidden behind the screen and pops up when needed. If you were wondering about the speed, Vivo states that it takes about 0.8 seconds for the selfie camera emerge and retract.

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