Trump silent after teacher shoots gun in class and injures students

Dennis Alexander accidentally fired a pistol while discussing public safety in a Seaside High School classroom according to police

Seaside teacher, councilman and reserve officer accidentally discharges weapon in gun safety demonstration.

Dennis Alexander, a teacher and resource officer at Seaside High School, was teaching his Administration of Justice class about gun safety when his gun went off, KSBW reports. The Sand City Police Department said it also placed him on administrative leave.

The officer, whose name was not released, is a five-year veteran of the Police Department and has been placed on administrative leave during its investigation of the episode, the police said.

One of the three sustained injuries to the neck by either flying bullet fragments or the debris falling from the ceiling.

Crystal Gonzales, whose 17-year-old son Fermin, was injured, told The Associated Press that parents were not notified about the accidental discharge by officials.

"It's the craziest thing", Gonzales told the station.

"He's shaken up, but he's going to be okay".

Gonzales continued that the incident changed his views about President Donald Trump's recent proposal to arm teachers.

The teen's father alleged that Alexander had told students that he wanted to ensure the gun wasn't loaded moments before it went off.

Alexander is a reserve police officer for the Sand City Police Department who teaches math at #Seaside High School in Monterey County. Alexander is a reserve police officer for Sand City and a Seaside city councillor. While Ferrante described Alexander's track record as "positive and professional", Ferrente stated that the police will be looking into why Alexander was displaying a loaded firearm in a classroom. Police and school administrators say they are investigating whether Alexander was legally allowed to have a gun on campus that day, The Californian wrote.

"Best practice is you don't take live firearms into a classroom", Pridgen said, according to CBS.

A Columbine High School student holds a sign outside the school during a National School Walkout to honor the 17 students and staff members killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in Littleton, Colorado, U.S. March 14, 2018.

It would be great if incidents like this put an end to all the talk of teachers being armed in the classroom.

Cruz's arraignment came only hours after students across the United States conducted a 17-minute walkout in honour of the 17 victims. A letter has been sent to Seaside High School parents and I've included a screenshot of that letter below.

He adds that, "Clearly, we will revisit this incident to ensure that something like this would never happen again".

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