The first Google Chrome OS tablet takes aim at Apple's next iPads

Acer unveils the Chromebook Tab 10 for $329, the first Chrome OS tablet

Chrome OS Tablets are Officially Here!

Android tablets may live on at the budget end of the market, and Samsung still makes a number of very fine Android tablets, but Chrome OS has the advantage of offering both Android apps and a fully fledged, desktop-level web browser (if you need a keyboard, you can attach one via Bluetooth).

Acer has launched the first ever Chrome OS tablet called the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 which as you expect with the name, is a 10-inch tablet that is running on Google's adjustment of Android's OS on a desktop environment.

Apple will reportedly announce a new, more affordable iPad priced at $259 United States dollars tomorrow. Apple is expected to unveil a new device which costs $259 during its event.

Acer's new Tab 10 laptop also ships with a built-in Wacom EMR stylus, which is certainly a convenient addition since the device is focused on the classroom.

It comes with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (that can be expanded with a microSD slot) and a headphone jack.

The first of the Chromebook tablets is the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Acer's announcement of the Tab 10 is essentially throwing down the glove at Apple and only time will tell which company will prevail.

It went on to say: "Since their debut, schools have chosen Chromebooks because they are fast, easy-to-use and manage, shareable, secure and affordable". Despite occasional success with Android tablets, Google's last Android tablet was the Pixel C, launched nearly three years ago in September 2015.

Despite this first Chromebook tablet being aimed at students and the classroom, Google hasn't really changed up how Chrome OS looks or feels in the tablet form factor. Further, the tablet comes with a host of immersive experiences with Google Expeditions AR. This 10-inch tablet will launch in the U.S. in April before expanding to the rest of the world in May. It will be available to "education and commercial customers".

Cutting through the hype jargon, Google and Acer could be onto something here, as Chromebooks are rather popular in schools; no one wants unruly kids or hormonal teenagers vulnerable to mood-swings handling £1,000 plus MacBooks and Window 10 ultraportables.

Google rolled out the first official Android tablets in 2011, and consumers seemed at least somewhat interested for a few years. This won't be the last Chomebook tablet, that's for sure.

Other products that could be announced today include a new Macbook Air and even an iPhone SE 2.

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