Supporter Roseanne Barr gives cringe-worthy interview to Jimmy Kimmel

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Roseanne Barr and John Goodman Say They're Not Shying Away From Controversy on 'Roseanne' Revival (Exclusive)

Metcalf hasn't changed a bit in the intervening years (she can tap into the overdramatic Jackie in a second) but Barr isn't quite the same Roseanne.

Well, that got awkward - especially for poor John Goodman.

'I'm still the same: You all moved! "When John did the [talk] show and he said he would do it in a heartbeat, it just made me reconsider". I can tell you the exact moment I fell in love with it - when Darlene (Sara Gilbert), in the seventh grade in Season 2, reluctantly reads her pain-of-being-young-and-unseen poem, "To Whom It May Concern", at a school assembly. "It's a place to go where you can see people with similar problems and just trying to live through it with some grace and love", said John Goodman, who played husband Dan Conner on the show.

"You're expressing your views, as insane as they may be", Kimmel said.

On the morning show Monday, Barr said that the reboot "just happened" organically after Goodman appeared on Gilbert's The Talk a year ago. "I would hope that he would have good food". "I felt like once we were back together, it just felt complete". "I'm out in the garage drinking".

"It's so fascinating to watch the kids who are grown now have a scene in the kitchen where they did grow up in that same kitchen and now they're also parenting their own kids.and Roseanne is hovering off to the side watching them do it and criticizing the mistakes that they're making", she added.

"You want Pence?" she said. "It has so many more layers now because of the true history". Barr said she thought it was important to show how the Conner family deals with the same issues many American families are facing.

"Roseanne" returns March 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC50.

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