'PUBG Mobile' for Android is now broadly available

PUBG Xbox UPDATE 11 New patch released today after server downtime- here’s what it does

MICROSOFT PUBG Xbox UPDATE 11 New patch released today after server downtime- here’s what it does

The game's description on Google Play says the game also features high-quality graphics and HD audio, realistic weapons, voice chat for squad communication and powerful anti-cheat mechanisms, among others. PUBG Mobile was developed by PUBG Corp.in a collaboration with Chinese gaming giant Tencent, and was originally a China-exclusive release, per Forbes. And Android version of Fortnite is coming at a later date.

Many outlets are now reaching out to publisher Tencent Games for further confirmation, but, the earliest of these reports comes from The Verge who specifically noted in the preview of their game: "One major difference from the other versions is the presence of bots, apparently created to help new players get to grips with the game".

As you know, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is not new, which is already available for Windows PC and Xbox One, but unfortunately, you can't play it on mobile devices. You also have full access to use vehicles scattered around the map.

Use of bots aside, PUBG Mobile is receiving positive reviews from both the media and fans, with many considering it a better port than the Xbox One version.

The fact this game has been released for free is just the icing on the cake.

Fresh from its beta test in Canada last week, the game, this time called "PUBG Mobile", has finally rolled out in selected regions around the world. The controls are going to be the biggest obstacle, even though PUBG Mobile does some really smart things with its user interface to make it work better on a phone. Everyone has their favorites, but let's take a look at Fortnite vs PUBG in order to give you a sense of which title might be right for you. It'll only get harder from here. Well, help is on the way as the game developer today released a maintenance update to address these issues and many more. Fortnite on the other hand, which recently launched on iOS as well (currently invite-only), requires iPhone 6s or newer. I've been playing this on a Galaxy S8 and it plays like an absolute dream at the top settings compared to the medium settings recommended for my Pixel XL. It is also said that the game runs smoothly on mobile devices. This game is insane and gives you the freedom to play out every situation however you please. As you rack up wins, the ratio of bots to real players widens and you end up fighting more actual humans instead of drones.

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