New Prague High School student escorted off property during walkout

Student walkouts were peppered across Snapchat's'Snap Map                Snapchat

Student walkouts were peppered across Snapchat's'Snap Map Snapchat

In California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Masses and Rosaries were offered.

The event was in response the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where 17 people were killed.

One of the students who survived the mass shooting at a Florida high school last month said that his generation is "the mass shooting generation".

Nighttime DJ STRAWBERRY ON THE RADIO was at MILPITAS HIGH SCHOOL where students rallied to get their message across with student speakers and signs that read #Neveragain, #Enoughisenough and "This is a school zone, not a war zone". It's about safety and about feeling safe in our schools.

"We didn't only walk out for the 17 lives in Florida but we walked out for the 17 lives we lost here".

For the Hudson Catholic students, like those in nearby St. Dominick Academy, the event had religious overtones, starting with a prayer service to provide hope and faith that the nation can resolve one of its most dire and deadly issues. The punishment would have been understandable if students had been disruptive or had failed to head back to class promptly. Blair warned that a student eating lunch alone, or one who is constantly disrupting class "could likely be our next shooter".

"My overall reaction was really proud of how many students came out and the signs that were out there in the crowd today", said Quintin Harry, one of the organizers of the walk-out at Pascagoula High School. Even though we can't vote, we can still make an impact, and it's so important for us to come together and agitate change. Most of the victims, Hamza reminded students, were younger than him when they died.

"We can not condone students leaving classes during the instructional day to participate in this activity", Barbara Canavan wrote to students and their parents.

In recent weeks, civil rights advocates and racial justice activists have noted that rather than inspiring reform legislation or prompting national outcry, gun violence in black communities is often framed as an issue of self-control and black activists framed as criminals for their protests.

Students of Nutley High School also protested, in solidarity with students from over 3000 other schools across America.

"I started talking to people and it started to get big".

"I'm actually very surprised", she said.

Instead of conducting a walkout on March 14, The Catholic Post reported, students and employees prayed the rosary between classes and then attended an all-school Mass. Moccia says he wants to open up communication at the school through weekly lunch forums where students can sit down with administrators.

Minneapolis Public Schools officials told Fox News in a lengthy statement that, due to state law, they are "prohibited from sharing details of the brief fight that occurred on March 14 across the street and off school property".

The Antioch High School principal planned Thursday's protest. The signs included messages of support for Parkland and calls to action to prevent further school shootings. Students at Oxford Hills say they're trying to motivate their peers to action through in-school voter registration events and letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers. "A school is a place to learn and grow educationally, emotionally and morally".

"I'm out here because this is so stupid that we live in this world", Charlie said, referencing the amount of gun violence in the world.

"There are some people who have similar names and my mind would instantly flash to that person", said Reed.

"He added, "(We're) doing something that as a Catholic school we can and should do, and that is pray and unleash that power of prayer".

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