Man accused of stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar arrested

Man pleads not guilty to stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar

Man accused of stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar denies grand theft

Bryant was charged with one felony count of grand theft Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. He was captured on the AP video holding it proudly over his head and saying, "All right baby boys and baby girls".

The Los Angeles police department said in a statement that the photographer, whom they did not identify, grew suspicious when he failed to "recognize Bryant as a recipient from the awards show".

Frances McDormand took home one of the biggest awards of the night at Sunday's Oscars, snagging Best Actress for her work in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

If convicted of his charge, Bryant could face up to three years in jail, the district attorney's office said.

On Wednesday, Terry Bryant, the man who stole the award appeared in court and pled not guilty. Rosario Herrera, a police spokeswoman, said that Bryant had a ticket for the event.

The iconic statue went missing from McDormand's table at the Governor's Ball shortly after the Oscars ceremony took place.

Well, Frances McDormand who won the Best Actress award at the 90th Academy Awards other day nearly faced that situation.

She said a photographer working for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck stopped the alleged thief and seized the Oscar.

The LAPD told People magazine that the man was later arrested for the theft. The reporter softly reaches out to the actress and asks her for a few congratulatory words for Janney.

When people surrounded him to touch the Oscar - which The Verge claimed Bryant repeatedly said he got "for music" - he can be heard asking people where the parties are happening. "I got to go".

McDormand's representative, Simon Halls, confirmed the trophy was eventually returned to her.

'What's up babies? Look it baby. got this tonight.

Ms Levy added: "I think we are living in an unusual time in America".

The man has been identified as Terry Bryant Djmatari, who even posted a video of himself with the Oscar on Facebook.

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