Gov. Scott Pushes $500 Million School Security Plan In Tampa

Gov. Rick Scott touts his $500 million school security reform package at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Gov. Rick Scott touts his $500 million school security reform package at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Scott opposes the idea of arming teachers.

Governor Rick Scott outlined his recently unveiled safety plan at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Wednesday.

"We do have the money".

"I want the local capital outlay dollars that come to our school districts, their first priority should be the hardening of the schools", said Scott.

As for arming school personnel, Scott said: "I believe law enforcement ought to do their job and our teachers ought to teach". "I want to embed a DCFS person in all our sheriff's departments", Scott said. He encourages locals to contact their state representatives and senators about the issue.

"We've got to make sure we have common-sense solutions to make sure every parent knows that their child is safe", Scott said at the Wednesday event.

The governor's news conference included comments from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

"As a responsible gun owner, a second amendment supporter, and NRA member, I don't have a problem moving that purchase age to 21, but whatever is done legislatively can't impact my ability as a father to take my son hunting or to the range to shoot, that can never be against the law in my opinion", Williams said.

The mental health reforms are most encouraging to law enforcement officials like Gualtieri, who spent a full day in Tallahassee last week to attend a roundtable talk on school safety and gun reform and to meet with Scott and his Cabinet.

This week, Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said the gunman refused to accept the school district's mental health services once he turned 18 and that a federal law prohibited the school from requiring him to do so. "My ask of you is: let's set aside our differences and make sure our schools are safe".

"We had Timothy McVeigh use fertilizer to kill 168 people in Oklahoma; in NY and Europe, people used vehicles; the bombing in Boston used pressure cookers", he said.

He believes legislation for purchasing a firearm should be separate from that of possessing a firearm.

The increased security presence would include mandatory law enforcement officers in every public school in the state.

"My wife is a teacher and she's concerned about turning our schools into what looks like prisons", adding that she might quit if teachers start carrying guns at her school. Heberlin said, referring to earlier mass shootings in Florida. "We have the resources to do it", Scott said.

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