Epic Games Brings Another Fortnite Outfit Into Game

Fortnite is beating PUBG at the money game, but losing in downloads

PUBG's 'Event Mode' will have rotating game types and modes

Both Tencent and PUBG Corporation have yet to comment officially on their hand in creating these bots for the mobile version of PUBG.

Further details are now available after PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene and CH Kim CEO of PUBG corp released a "Thank You" video for the fans.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular game of the moment, being released for iPhone phones a little more than a week ago and gamers simply love it. The game, which has now reached mobile devices like iPhones and Androids, though there's no indication of how many players it actually has yet. Fortnite is destroying schools largely due to the fact that it's now pretty easy to access online entertainment.

The new map will be much smaller than the previous maps, clocking in at 4×4 km, instead of the regular map's 8×8 km. Each event will last a limited time only, acting as a chance for the developers to stretch their legs and test more daring and unusual content. According to a slide shared by Epic Games, they confirmed the target resolution and frame rate for the various console hardware including the Xbox One X. Greene reiterated onstage today that he never expected to see his game sell upwards of 40 million copies and remain the No. 1 game on the Steam marketplace, dwarfing global mainstays like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike.

'I think it's inevitable now, ' said Sweeney. I don't want have this attitude like 'We're better than them.' We are all a relatively friendly group; we don't have a real-life GDC battle royale. Or when H1Z1 came out, it was killing Arma 3. "It's great that more people are exploring the space and more people are getting to play games".

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