Baron Corbin Is Excited For Daniel Bryan's Return Match



Upon retiring in February 2016, Danielson told ESPN he had suffered at least 10 documented concussions during his 16-year career and had even experienced post-concussion seizures "that I hid for a long time". I never had concussion issues.

There is no confirmation on the role that the 64-year-old would play, but there are rumours that he could take over the authoritative duties for SmackDown after Shane McMahon took an "indefinite leave of absence" as SmackDown commissioner.

Bryan's return has caused a wave of excitement in WWE and fans will now be confident one of their most-loved competitors will be involved in WrestleMania next month.

Daniel Bryan is BACK!What's the story?

One of the doctors that greenlit Danielson for an in-ring return is no stranger to dealing with athletes. Additionally, Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan is confirmed to be returning to the ring imminently. However, he's not exactly out of the woods just yet because WWE officials had stipulations for him if he wanted to wrestle inside a WWE ring. We, as fans, likely only know about half of the testing he has had to undergo and the trips he has had to make to various doctors to get the answer that he has been searching for, and that answer is Yes! Yes! Yes!

For me; I'll always worry about Bryan when he is wrestling, simply because you can't dismiss his injury history. I would also like to think that if Bryan was in a such a state that if he got one more concussion he would be seriously threatening his long-term health, that WWE wouldn't have him competing in their ring and that Bryan would not try and get himself cleared. Look it up. I have stupid neck, just look it up. Once he returns to the ring, he probably has developed a modified style that limits a lot of the risks he would be taking.

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