You Can Now Do Your Whole Foods Shopping On Amazon

Inc. signage is displayed at a Pop Up store inside the Lakeview Whole Foods Market Inc. store in Chicago Illinois U.S. on Monday Nov. 20 2017

Here's How Amazon Prime's New Whole Foods Delivery Will Work

Now, it's rolling out something new for Whole Foods patrons: two-hour delivery.

While it's free to receive your groceries in two hours, if you're in a rush to scarf something down, you can pay $7.99 to rush-deliver your groceries in one hour flat, on orders of $35 or more.

Prime Now will also deliver from other grocery stores and restaurants in the markets where it operates. Now, Amazon is offering the entire suite of Whole Foods products delivered via the e-tailer's Prime Now service, which is available to more than 90 million U.S. Prime members. The service offers products from high end brands like Acme Bread and Cowgirl Creamery as well, and touts 30-minute delivery compared to most other competitors' two hour window.

The move is the latest by Amazon to put its stamp on its recent purchase of Whole Foods. With Amazon jumping in as well I know which one I'd use if I decide to grocery shop from home.

"We've been in Dallas with Prime Now for a while now, and we know our Prime Now customers in Dallas love the convenience", Vasen said. Amazon has announced the new expansion of its Prime Now service, which is available in certain markets where ultra-fast deliveries for certain items are possible. The company will roll out the service to more cities later in the year.

Amazon has brought two-hour delivery to Whole Foods. In June 2017, Amazon revealed the acquisition of Whole Foods which cost $13.7 billion. It accounts as of January, Amazon had 18% of online grocery sales in the United States.

Shoppers will be able to order meat, seafood and other grocery items through Amazon's Prime Now app and website.

Analysts see this as the first step towards Amazon truly leveraging Whole Foods stores.

It's unclear whether this will exacerbate the troubles Whole Foods stores have had recently with empty shelves, a problem related to an inventory management system introduced before the Amazon purchase. This program will have a wide selection of Whole Foods items on offer - conceivably, almost the whole store could be stuffed into a Prime Now bag.

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