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Apple confirms that iPhone 8 and X will not have performance reduction because of battery; see why

Apple Seeds watchOS 4.3 Beta 2

According to the document from AAPL, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X won't be as affected by battery performance management.

Barclays previously modeled a scenario where Apple could lose $10.29 billion in iPhone sales if 16 million people decide not to upgrade thanks to the battery deal. According to a Reuters report, Apple in a letter sent to US lawmakers also added that it had seen "strong demand" for replacement batteries.

After the big scandal involving performance reduction on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus with old batteries, many users wondered if the same "defect" could affect the newer models released by Apple company.

Apple has faced criticism for slowing down older iPhones with its iOS performance management feature, though the company has said it was not throttling performance as such. You may experience issues with battery life or apps randomly crashing - that's just part of helping Apple test. Follow the instructions in this post if you're OK with that. A few that the iPhone X display would turn temporarily unresponsive in cold weather conditions. An older, degraded battery can cause problems, and in iPhone's case, iOS will try and minimise any unexpected shutdowns.

Apple is reportedly looking into options to reimburse customers who paid full price for a battery replacement for their iPhones before the company began offering discounts last month.

With iOS 11.3 installed on your iPhone, there's a new section on the Battery Settings page that details your battery's health.

Taking a more optimistic view of Apple's iPhone prospects, well-regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is of the mind that the real iPhone super cycle will get underway later this year when Apple releases its 2018 iPhone lineup, which will include a 6.1-inch device with an edgeless LCD display. In India, the prices start at Rs 2000 for replacing battery. One year the phone is given a significant feature or form factor upgrade, and the next gets component and chip upgrades while incorporating the premium features from the prior year.

watchOS 4.3 Beta: Developers have a new version of the watchOS 4.3 beta to play with, reports 9to5Mac.

An important thing to note here is that Apple also said that all iPhones contain basic performance management features necessary for safety and to protect the components inside the phone.

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