Super Bowl ad preview: Amazon's Alexa loses her voice in amusing spot

Amazon Alexa Can Now Send Text Messages to Any Number in the US

Alexa can send SMS messages using your voice

This will allow users of Amazon's intelligent personal assistant to send SMS messages, to their friends and other contacts, reported TechCrunch.

Past year the app introduced a new feature that lets users which it will then turn it into voice navigations, a route Amazon may possibly go down. Go to Contacts My Profile and then enable the "Send SMS" feature. Any texts you send will show up in your smartphone's text app.

If you bought an Echo smart speaker and Alexa lost her voice, it's fair to say you'd be pretty peeved. Amazon has already introduced a calling and messaging system in the United States a year ago, but with the latest update, Alexa can send messages as normal text to Android phones.

This feature should be available to use now, but at least for the time being, you'll need to have an Android phone in order for this to work.

The feature is now only available to people with Android phones which run version 5.0 and up.

The feature builds upon the previously launched Alexa messaging feature.

Alexa devices gain SMS functionality in the latest update. Amazon is likely hoping the exposure will help it maintain strong Echo sales and fend off competition from Google and Apple.

Previously, Alexa could only send messages to other Alexa-powered devices.

"In NSW, we know transport is no longer just about building infrastructure and running services, but embracing new technology to provide the best services for our customers", Braxton-Smith said. You could use your Echo speaker to make phone calls to phone numbers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. This could mean that on Sunday we get a host of new voices in Echo devices.

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