Prostate cancer now kills more people than breast cancer, United Kingdom figures reveal

Breast Cancer Treatment Can Be Tough on the Heart

AHA Addresses Heart Effects of Breast Cancer Tx

But Prostate Cancer UK says the latest statistics should act as a wake-up call for anyone who still may have imagined that this disease is somehow minor, in demographic terms, compared to the ones we hear about all the time.

The new statement noted that radiation and chemotherapies can pose a risk to cardiovascular health.

Just as Tonda Gonce won her fight against breast cancer, she quickly found out there was a whole new battle in front of her. Gilchrist's Healthy Heart program is created to counteract those effects by encouraging women to exercise and eat healthy foods.

Prostate cancer killed 11,819 men in the United Kingdom in 2015.

But while many physicians praised the AHA report, some, such as Deanna Attai, a breast surgeon at the University of California at Los Angeles, anxious it could discourage women with high-risk cancer from getting aggressive treatment.

HER-2 directed therapies are created to combat particularly aggressive forms of breast cancer, but the treatments might be doing more harm than good, research has found. Health experts are sounding a warning as potential side effects of a growing number of breast cancer treatments come to light. Plans to create an accurate test fit for use as part of a nationwide prostate cancer screening programme, as well as developing new treatments for advanced prostate cancer are already well underway. HER-2 is a kind of breast cancer. Eight treatments at the typical intravenous dose brings a 5 percent risk of heart failure, but a 26 percent risk after 11 such treatments and a 48 percent risk after 14.

There are many types of cancer treatment, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant and precision medicine.

Adherence to a number of ideal heart health behaviors or factors from the American Heart Association's' Life's Simple 7 is associated with a trend towards a lower incidence of breast cancer.

The study involved 2,168 women who underwent radiotherapy for breast cancer between 1958 and 2001. "Anthracyclines have been shown to result in weakening of the heart muscle and heart failure, which can be irreversible".

However, they can also cause heart failure and various other severe heart problems, even years after the treatment.

The diseases share many common risk factors such as obesity, smoking and too little exercise, so reducing these can help.

The report said some heart damage, including the kind caused by drug Herceptin sometimes can be reversed. However, heart disease prior to, during or after cancer treatment can impact outcomes.

Men with prostate cancer can also live for decades without symptoms or needing treatment because the disease often progresses very slowly. That's why the America Heart Association has published the first scientific statement about these two major threats to women's health.

"Treatment-related mortality [from heart disease] is not reliably captured in breast-cancer mortality", said Dr. H. Gilbert Welch of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

Overall, "one of the great things about the cancer world right now is that there are more and more survivors", Mehta said. "We need earlier diagnosis and a better-informed testing regime".

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