Omarosa on campaigning for Hillary Clinton before Donald Trump

Omarosa spilled some tea when a “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant asked if she slept with President Trump

Omarosa reveals a White House staffer is 'sleeping around with everybody'

"She was just a strong woman, she was... she defended her man", Omarosa said. She has Ross on the block against Brandi because Brandi is shady, she cast the lone vote for Shannon - but Ross is her target because he put her on the block.

Fellow TV personality Ross Mathews asked Omarosa if the first lady was nice, and Omarosa replied: 'She's awesome'. Of course, one of the biggest ones is the Veto power that could end up altering the entire course of what happens this week. Time for the Veto meeting, Ross saves himself.

Manigault also said she had worked with the "Ready for Hillary" organization because she felt Clinton would have made an "exceptional" president.

Scenario 3) Brandi comes down, Marissa goes up next to Ross. "Because I'd just been used and abused by the Ready for Hillary organization".

But after feeling out her competition, Omarosa realized Brandi might be a good option since many of her fellow houseguests were upset with her for voting for Mark at the prior eviction.

Here's the deal with the Veto competition twist.

Right now we've got the noms on the Block and the votes laid out if nothing changed, but this insane Veto is making all that rather uncertain.

After Metta's emotional plea to his fellow housemates to vote him out because he missed his family, the others heeded his request and voted 4-0 to oust the former National Basketball Association star.

Brandi quickly fell for this, accidentally naming her final four alliance with Ross, Ari and Marissa in front of everyone in the kitchen.

"It's not my circus, it's not my monkeys", Manigault told Mathews.

While discussing Hillary Clinton with her housemate, television personality Ross Mathews, the former White House staffer expressed admiration for the former presidential candidate. With one vote, Brandi is on the outside of her previously tight foursome and it's ridiculous. They brought this to Brandi and Ross, and then later Brandi went as far to question the so-called alliance in front of the entire group including Omarosa.

Omarosa's speech did nothing but light a fire under Brandi, and Ross slammed Omarosa in the Diary Room, saying that 15 years of reality TV is what made people question the new HoH's integrity. "I can't wait to see this alliance crumble", Omarosa told the cameras as the latest episode concluded.

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