North Korean skaters begin training for PyeongChang Games

Ski Mountaineering is one possible new sport on the Winter Olympic programme

North Korean skaters begin training for PyeongChang Games

The 2018 Winter Olympics, to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea, may be a week away from its Febraury 9 starting date, but already a record has fallen - although this is a group effort from all athletes and nations. They plan to have a 90-minute protest each day from Sunday to Thursday.

Pyeongchang 2018 officials were joined by officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Gangwon Province and the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee.

North Korea has not tested a missile since November and resumed inter-Korean dialogue in January, leading to agreement on its Olympics participation and easing tensions after a year of escalating rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington. Following the KSA's decision, some skiers questioned whether the selection process was clean.

The trio had to walk as "Independent Athletes" behind the International Olympic Committee flag during the opening ceremony as the Indian Olympic Association was under suspension at that time. Kyung then filed a court injunction against the KSA to suspend its Olympic team selection. In 2016, an Olympic source told Us Weekly that it's "pretty tough to hook up on twin beds with roommates", and that while there are people that are certainly going to fool around, "the number of condoms they pass out is in no way a necessary amount".

The rise of dating apps like Tinder could be to thank for an anticipated increase of sexual activity in the athletes village.

Lee said she was in the audience when Trump spoke a year ago in front of South Korea's National Assembly, and told Trump she "wanted to shout with joy" because she was so moved.

22 North Korean athletes will compete at the event but organizers are still working to provide the same or similar benefits to them.

The North's state media has reportedly said that the USA is attempting to create a "stage of confrontation" at the Olympics, saying inter-Korean talks and positive results that have stemmed from them could "disappear" after the Games.

"This Village will allow the athletes not only to prepare for competition, but it will also allow the athletes to enjoy the spirit of the Olympic Games and to show what the Olympic Games are about".

This year's games will have more free condoms than ever before, the South China Morning Post reports.

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