Lawyers Give 'Empowering' Update About The 'House Of Horrors' Family

Watchara Phomicinda | AP

Watchara Phomicinda | AP

The seven oldest children are now recovering at Corona Medical Center in California, and have a separate part of the hospital strictly for themselves to adjust to life on their own.

Sources told CBS the adult kids also are playing sports outside, exercising and using iPads. Now, the adult children are learning for the first time to make their own decisions.

While they haven't been able to be reunited with their younger siblings yet, they keep in contact with them via Skype.

Jack Osborn and Caleb Mason, the two attorneys for the seven adult Turpin children, gave a positive update regarding the status of the 13 children who were enslaved by their parents David and Louise Turpin, reported CBS News.

As of now, the attorneys say the older children just want to live normal lives - go to the beach, the mountains, and the movies. The children are truly "special individuals", Osborn said. 'They all have their own aspirations and their own interests and now they may have an opportunity to address those, which is really exciting'.

David's parents, Betty and James Turpin, said they couldn't believe the allegations when they heard them.

David and Louise Turpin appear in court for a conference about their case on Friday.

Now, lawyers for the older children reveal how their recovery is going. She and her husband spoke only to say they understood the proceeding and the new dates.

The seven, who range in age from 18 to 29, were among 13 children found starving and shackled to beds while being held captive inside David and Louise Turpin's filthy home.

A spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office said the new charges included three counts of child abuse against both defendants.

The couple each face three additional counts of abuse and Louise Turpin faces one new count of felony assault.

Speaking outside court attorney spokesman John Hall said: "Further investigation we have been doing in this case led us to amend the complaint, which is not uncommon".

The Turpin brood was rescued in January from Perris, east of Los Angeles after the eldest girl escaped and called the police from an old cellphone she'd squirreled away.

The couple have pleaded not guilty to torture and other charges. She works closely with the siblings' nurses.

David and Louise Turpin pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of torture child abuse and false imprisonment. Both said little except to agree to a May preliminary hearing.

The Turpins are each being held in lieu of $12 million bail at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside and are facing 94 years to life in state prison if convicted.

Now the 13 children are being cared for and are working on recovering from all of the abuse that they endured at the hands of their parents, and they are all expected to testify in the upcoming trial. The Turpins were ordered back to court March 23 and have a preliminary hearing set for May 14.

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