Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux separating

Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston

Can we just leave Jennifer Aniston alone?

Twitter is not new to goof-ups as users even mistook Aniston to be the First Lady of Canada.

Sure, Aniston and Theroux are both handsome and talented.

However, speculation has been rife that she and Brad Pitt could reunite, given he is also single following his split from Angelina Jolie in 2016.

"They haven't seen each other in ages", a source told People.

The former couple - who married in August 2015 - confirmed they had separated in a joint statement, admitting they will continue to have a "cherished friendship" and are keen to "maintain the love" they have for one another.

The statement reveals they split "late in 2017", however now in February, it doesn't appear that a divorce lawyer has been contacted by either star.

Well, you can kind of guess what they thought next.

Notably, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who were married for five years, parted ways in 2005.

But contrary to the reports, Aniston's spokesperson has termed the reports as mere "fabrication".

The marriage of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux has ended "lovingly". Theroux, however, has a wide and varied friendship circle on the east coast.

Aniston is now in her $21 million Bel-Air mansion in California.

Theroux was not interviewed for the piece.

"Everyone was dressed like a bunch of woodland creatures, and your dress looked so handsome and breezy", Sedaris said. And according to People, (albeit in what Aniston may consider "someone else's fictional narrative") the pair aren't close.

While no reasons for the breakup were listed in the official statement, an anonymous source spoke to ET, suggesting a major reason for the separation is the couple's inability to decide where to live together.

For months, Theroux has been living in his West Village apartment in Manhattan, N.Y. The last known photo of them together at the apartment was from October 1, TMZ said.

Meanwhile, Aniston reportedly no longer like to live at their Greenwich Village apartment in NY after Theroux fell-out with one of his neighbours. "Love is dead", adding that the news was just very bad. Aniston is said to have blamed a neighbor and moved back to Los Angeles.

Aniston, 49, met 46-year-old Theroux in 2011. Because not only is she single and sad now, Pitt is too. "She will do what she wants".

In a recent issue of Architectural Digest, which gave a look inside the couple's home, Aniston spoke about their life together.

The couple says in a statement released through her publicist Thursday that the decision to split "was mutual and lovingly made at the end of previous year".

Of course, this could just be speculation and the couple could, of course, be legally married, but based on the reports it's also possible they are not.

Mistaking the Hollywood actor for the Canadian PM is not a new trend on social media as many users have already been a part of this goof-up for a long time.

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