Hyundai Santa Fe Shown in New Renderings Ahead of Geneva Show

This image courtesy of Hyundai Motor shows the carmaker's all-new Santa Fe SUV which will launch next month in the domestic market

Hyundai Motor to Launch All-New Santa Fe SUV Next Month

But anyone who thought it might be a relatively mild redesign on the current theme will probably be pleased to see the renderings Hyundai has just released of the new Santa Fe. Last year, the factory turned out 58,481 Santa Fe Sports, as demand was higher for sport utility models.

HyundaiA promotional image for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Upcoming Santa Fe of Hyundai will be the fourth generation SUV and it is expected that the company's global debut can be done in the month of March this year, which will be at Geneva Motor Show.

The drawings show an SUV featuring an aggressive front end with a very modern split headlight design, which is along similar lines to the smaller, recently introduced Kona, and a neat, pinched rear end with an angled tailgate.

The first fully-revamped Santa Fe to be rolled out in six years comes as the carmaker badly needs a new SUV to drive up sales in major markets like the US, where the demand for crossovers has been on the rise.

Pre-orders for the new SUV start February 7. It keeps an eye on "the rear seats to detect passengers and alerts the driver when leaving the vehicle".

Korea's largest automaker held a media preview event on Tuesday and gave a sneak peek of the new vehicle's key features.

One of these features is the Rear Occupant Alert which monitors the rear seats to detect passengers and alerts the driver when leaving the auto. The auto is on its way to the Geneva Motor Show where we will get to see the SUV in flesh for the first time.

To help revive sales, Hyundai said it plans to begin selling the Kona subcompact SUV in the US market in February or March.

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