First Trailer For The Cloverfield Paradox Arrives, Premieres Tonight On Netflix

The Cloverfield Paradox Released Via Netflix Out of Nowhere

First Trailer For The Cloverfield Paradox Arrives, Premieres Tonight On Netflix

As a marketing stunt, The Cloverfield Paradox is clearly meant to conjure insta-buzz and overshadow the big Super Bowl spots from Netflix's rivals. The film stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Daniel Brühl, Chris O'Dowd, and David Oyelowo, among others, as the crew aboard Cloverfield Station, a space station orbiting a near-future Earth that has a particle accelerator "one thousand times more powerful than any on the ground". "Movies treated like high-profile advertisements, slotted into post-Super Bowl premieres as if they're ads for corn chips or high-fructose sodas".

Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill revealed on his Twitter account this evening that he considered working on The Cloverfield Paradox years ago with his Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson. Sure enough, the planet seems to disappear once the power source goes online for a test, and creepy things begin to happen, both on the space station and on our planet.

On the one hand, Netflix buys projects by creators who are marginalized by traditional Hollywood.

The Cloverfield Paradox premise is pretty simple and is pretty much a run of the mill of most space disaster movies.

The events of the original Cloverfield, seen during The Cloverfield Paradox. "Simply put, a movie's release pattern shouldn't be the most interesting thing about it, and the stunt again invites the question - especially after the service's creative dud Bright - what aligning itself with expensive sci-fi misfires does to burnish the Netflix brand over the long haul".

The Cloverfield Paradox is a prequel to 2008 monster movie Cloverfield, and the third Cloverfield movie to date. When will the movie first be available for streaming? Throw in the skyrocketing popularity of MoviePass-which offers consumers an unbelievable deal on movie tickets, so long as they're willing to ignore the company's shady tactics and sketchy intentions-and you've got an industry, and an art form, that's basically having a meltdown. Trouble is, The Cloverfield Paradox didn't even have the decency to give us that luxury this time around. "They don't need us to like Bright", wrote Scott Mendelson about Netflix's big-budget fantasy.

USA media commentators are describing the move as a potentially game-changing challenge to the traditional model employed around the ultra-premium Super Bowl ad slots, which deliver the highest number of eyeballs of any Stateside telecast during the year.

The trailer is high on tension and low on details but thankfully we've only got to wait until tonight for the full details.

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