Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desaleg resigns

State of emergency in Ethiopia as country's prime minister resigns

Ethiopia under state of emergency after prime minister resigns

The council "came to the conclusion that imposing emergency rule would be vital to safeguarding the constitutional order of our country".

Siraj Fegessa, country's defense minister, also said the emergency declaration could be extended for an additional four months, and that the military would not attempt to take over the government during this time.

Hailemariam Desalegn's unexpected resignation followed unrest in the Horn of Africa country initially sparked by opposition in the central Oromiya region to an urban development plan that ethnic Oromos said would encroach on their land.

A day later, the government imposed the state of emergency.

Both the EPRDF and Desalegn's party, the Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement, agreed to accept his resignation and he said he hopes Parliament will do the same.

The duration of the state of emergency was not specified during the evening state TV broadcast.

Following recent unrest, much of it in the Oromia region, Ethiopia's new premier is expected to hail from the province. The board included it would discharge more points of interest on Saturday.

The U.S. embassy statement said that "the challenges facing Ethiopia, whether to democratic reform, economic growth, or lasting stability, are best addressed through inclusive discourse and political processes, rather than through the imposition of restrictions".

10 people were killed in an anti-governmental demonstration in Ethiopia a few days back.

The strike was called off after detained Oromo politicians were freed along with hundreds of other prisoners, including journalist Eskinder Nega and opposition leader Andualem Arage.

"The executive, the government. lost control" earlier in the week, Lefort said.

The current state of emergency has to be approved by the national parliament, which is now on recess, giving the council 15 days to enforce the emergency rule until parliament reconvenes.

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