Empty your wallets: The Steam Lunar New Year sale has begun

Steam Kicks off Lunar Sale with Wish List Updates 1

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today

Valve has brought back a number of the biggest sale items from its holiday sale season, offering enormous discounts for some of the most popular AAA and indie titles on the platform.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Valve has launched the latest big sale on Steam.

The sale is joined by an update to Steam Wishlists, an update that so far hasn't been met too warmly by Steam users.

With every Steam sale comes a wide variety of games that are a steal for their price, relatively speaking.

Along with sorting by discount, users can also choose from various tiers of price, or filter to only see item price matching the Steam Wallet balance.

Other filters include certain price thresholds, operating system support and whether they're on sale or not.

It's easier to keep track of Early Access titles now as any game currently in development on the list will reflect whether it's still in Early Access or has transitioned to a full release.

Another feature is the ability to add games straight to your cart from the Wishlist, rather than being directed to their store page first.

At the time of writing the wishlist filters and sorting improvements weren't available to me on the web or via the Steam client app unless I followed the link from the home page banner. This way, you can easily find games on your list that are on sale for 25, 50, or 75% off.

As always, we'd like to hear what you think about these changes, and whether there are more wishlist features you'd like to see. Tags have been added to the wishlist viewer for all games, and the search option now extends to these tags in addition to game titles.

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