'Dozens' of Russian nationals hurt in USA attack in eastern Syria: ministry

Russian mercenaries in Syria

Russian mercenaries in Syria

The spokesperson for the ministry of foreign relations in Moscow, Maria Zakharova said that the Kremlin had received preliminary reports that indicated that there is a possibility that five fighters of Russian nationality had been killed in the airstrike.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that five Russians who were not military personnel may have been killed in a clash with US -led forces in Syria.

"I understand that the Russian government now is saying that some of their non-military forces, contractors, were involved in that still unexplained attack", Mattis said Saturday while flying back to Washington after a weeklong tour of Europe.

"The recent military clashes, in no way involving Russian servicemen or service equipment, resulted in the deaths of citizens of Russia and the CIS [former Soviet republics], as already mentioned", the ministry said in an online statement Tuesday.

"I still can not give you any more information on why they would do this". "But they took direction from someone".

According to Lavrov, Russia has doubts that the US-led coalition truly aims to fight al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria. Was it from external sources?

A statement published on the website of the foreign Ministry.

The government of Russian Federation for the first time has acknowledged that five of their nationals who had been fighting in Syria may have died from an airstrike led by USA forces on Thursday.

Also, Sergey Lavrov called on the United States to observe an agreement about the inadmissibility for non-Syrian forces to be present in the southwestern zone of de-escalation in Syria.

Moscow on Tuesday said dozens of Russian citizens were injured after a US drone attack this month in eastern Syria, amid mounting reports of casualties among Russian nationals in the country. Simakovsky added that the truth will always reveal itself because Russian forces have always had significant involvement in the Syrian conflict and have had liaison and coordination with the security forces and intelligence community from Moscow.

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