Boeing lands $6.56 billion missile defense contract

U.S. Missile Defense System Fails Latest Test

U.S. Missile Defense System Fails Latest Test

Wednesday's trial was also, in part, an effort to test new defense concepts as the missile was launched from the shore rather than the Navy Aegis warships that have carried earlier versions of the projectile for several years.

"We're honored to support the USA military in protecting the homeland", Boeing Defense tweeted in reaction to the award.

Wednesday's test involved a ballistic missile armed with a dummy warhead being launched from an aircraft, followed by land based Aegis assets acquiring and tracking the missile before firing a Raytheon-built SM-3 Block IIA ballistic missile on an intercept course.

Boeing has received a $6.56 billion contract modification from the Missile Defense Agency to extend its Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) development and sustainment contract through 2023, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

White said the Missile Defense Agency was probing test data to determine why the interceptor, known as a Standard Missile 3 Block IIA, did not hit its target.

CNN, which was was the first to report the failed intercept, said officials chose to initially remain silent due in part to "sensitivities surrounding North Korea's participation in the upcoming Olympic Games and continuing tensions with leader Kim Jong Un". The ground-based midcourse system was created to knock down Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, which could be launched from North Korea or Russian Federation. The SM-3 IIA will have to be tested again at Kauai before that happens.

For now, the missile is used to target intermediate-range missiles from adversaries and is a key element of United States missile defenses in the Pacific region.

Earlier this year, the U.S. government approved the sale of the anti-ballistic missiles to Japan to help defend itself against a growing North Korean threat.

In the past year, the authoritarian country has increased its missile launch tests, with some missiles flying over the territory of Japan.

The Aegis Ashore Missile Defense system is a collaborative project between the United States and Japan.

In his first State of the Union speech to the US Congress, Trump's tough rhetoric underscored persistent tensions despite recent talks between North and South Korea that led to Pyongyang's agreement to participate in next months Winter Olympic Games hosted by Seoul.

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