ARCore 1.0 Ships for Augmented Reality Android Apps

Google announces Android Enterprise Recommended program

Google launches Android smartphone recommendation program for enterprises

Developers who have been building AR apps with it can now publish their work to the Google Play Store.

The 13 phone models with ARCore 1.0 support are: Asus' Zenfone AR, Google's Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, LG's V30 and V30+ (with Android Oreo only), OnePlus's OnePlus 5, and Samsung's Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, and Note8.

Potentially more interesting when it comes to general goal use is the updates to Google Lens which in my opinion is one of the coolest things Android does right now.

Android Go features apps that Google has released for users in emerging markets, such as its Data Saver app, the Files Go peer-to-peer file sharing app, YouTube Go, and a Go version of Google Assistant.

ARCore, the tech giant's augmented reality (AR) software development kit (SDK) for Android, is out of preview and is now launching as version 1.0. Currently, I find that Lens is quite adept at differentiating between various types of flowers, but struggles at more hard things like picking a specific vehicle model or identifying other types of greenery. This allows developers to test their apps in a virtual environment directly from a desktop computer.

Also, seems Nokia 8 users will be able to use camera-based Lens experience within the Google Assistant.

"Through this collaboration, we've built a Lens experience that is totally immersive and unique, transporting Snapchatters onto FC Barcelona's legendary Camp Nou", said Eitan Pilipski, vice president of Snap's camera platform, in a press statement. Why did it take so long for Google to understand that this is one of the most requested Android features?

"Starting next week, you'll see the first set of Android Oreo (Go edition) phones, and soon after they'll be available for you to purchase", the company says.

However, the more exciting announcement is the arrival of Google Lens to roughly all the iOS (iOS 9 or above) and Android users.

Partners Google announced they'd be working with included Samsung, Huawei, LGE, Motorola, ASUS, Xiaomi, HMD/Nokia, ZTE, Sony Mobile, and Vivo.

Lens will also get improved support for recognizing common animal and plants, such as specific dog breeds and flowers.

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