Apple iOS hit with Indian bug

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Fixing the problem requires a reset in Device Firmware Upgrade mode, the site added.

This is just the latest in a string of embarrassing messaging bugs discovered in Apple's latest mobile operating system. Fixes are expected when Apple releases updates for iOS and macOS later this month.

iPhone users should be wary of any texts of a single Indian word coming in from mischievous mates. Another bug in December could cause iPhones to crash. In other situations, if the character is viewed through an iOS notification, it can cause the entire device to crash, resulting in a re-spring or worse.

"If the character is displayed within an application, the app in question will crash and will continue to close each time you try to start it". Apps on the Apple Watch and Mac are also hit. While an iOS bug, it is also said to affect devices running on watchOS and macOS.

Tests by a variety of publications have been performed with third-party apps such as FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and Outlook, with the issue appearing in all cases. Telegram and Skype appear to be unaffected.

The notch on the iPhone X Super Retina display is probably one of the biggest design changes in the history of Apple's iOS devices. In December, iOS was discovered to be slowing down the processors in older model iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns due to aging batteries.

The impact of the bug may be mitigated by the relatively low - but growing - uptake of Apple products in India, with most people preferring cheaper Chinese or Indian phones. The company has informed this news in an email sent to developers, to get adapted to the latest iOS 11 features like Core ML, SiriKit and ARKit.

According to Axios, Apple is transforming its original software plans for this year to focus on addressing the performance and quality issues many users have been complaining about.

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