Apple employees keep walking into glass walls at new headquarters

Apple got a painful reminder that design and safety aren't friends

Apple's New Spaceship HQ Building Has Glass Walls So Clear Employees Are Taking Headers

Apple's spaceship campus has been lauded as an architectural marvel.

The campus is nearly entirely made out of glass panes, including the workspaces ("pods") inside the building which are surrounded by glass panes.

MarketWatch asked Apple for comment on the issue and any mitigations it has sought to enact.

The irony is delicious that Apple employees were too glued to their iPhones to notice the harms they're bringing upon themselves, but, legally speaking, Apple may be subjected to a workplace violation. That's resulted in repeated cases of distracted employees walking into the panes, according to people familiar with the incidents.

If your Apple Watch or Macintosh laptop has a problem, you probably know to take it to the Apple Store, where their tech support people, known as "Apple Geniuses", will troubleshoot and service it for you. Bloomberg reports that some employees who might not have been paying 100% attention to where they are walking have accidentally walked into the clear glass internal walls of the pods that make up Apple Park.

Indeed, Apple makes use of visual indicators like that at its One Infinite Loop campus already. Unfortunately, their effort was curbed after superiors thought that the notes would interfere with the building's design.

It is not clear how many incidents there have been, but at least seven people were reportedly injured on the first day after staff moved in.

Although the campus opened last September for the 10th anniversary iPhone introduction, it was done under a temporary occupancy permit, and Apple employees just started moving in last month. Some employees apparently came up with a fix by sticking post it notes on the glass walls, which was shortly removed by the staff as it didn't sit well with the architecture team.

The "dumbass walks into a glass door" bit is so hack that it was on Two and a Half Men before Charlie Sheen went all AIDS-crazy and tried to strangle Chuck Lorre or whatever.

So far, MarketWatch reports, there have been no complaints to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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