Amazon Rewards Prime Members Who Shop At Whole Foods

Amazon Squeezes More Benefits Out of Whole Foods

Amazon uses cash back benefits to entice Prime members to Whole Foods

Amazon customers who have the Amazon Prime Store Card - not the Amazon Rewards Visa credit card - won't earn money back at Whole Foods. The new rewards are in addition to the card's existing rewards for eligible Prime members, which include 5 percent back on purchases; 2 percent back on restaurant, gas station, and drugstore purchases; and 1 percent back on everything else.

The company's initiative kicks off Tuesday, and the company will also reward cardholders who aren't members of the $99 a year Amazon Prime subscription service with 3% cash back.

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Members already receive 5% back on any purchases on Amazon, when they use an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa from Chase.

It seems one group who aren't pleased about Amazon's takeover is the Whole Food employees themselves. Then earlier this month two-hour food deliveries were introduced.

However, this time a deal for 5% has extended to purchases that are beyond just Amazon.

The hope is that the perks will attract more members of Prime to shop at Whole Foods, and get those that already do, to shop more often. In August, Amazon cut prices of some Whole Foods bestsellers by as much as 43 percent.

Amazon has also made other moves since taking over Whole Foods. The e-commerce titan has been cutting prices and even began selling its Echo smart speaker device in Whole Foods stores.

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