Text bug can crash your iPhone or iPad, software developer warns

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In 2016, iPhone and iPad users found that setting their smartphone's date to 1 January 1970 would permanently shut their devices off, says Mac World.

There's a new Apple "text bomb", which can cause an iPhone or even a Mac to crash and in this particular instance, the text is shared in the form of a website link on iMessage.

The bug, while annoying, doesn't appear to be able to steal data or cause any long term harm to devices.

A new bug that targets the iMessage feature on iPhones called "chaiOS" is now floating around. The issue occurs even if the recipient doesn't click on the link, since just getting it causes problems because of how iOS previews web links. He explained he only published the alert to force Apple into dealing with his initial bug report.

Apple has faced a number of embarrassing security mishaps over the past few months, with majority affecting macOS. In this case, clicking on the malicious message, which was basically a large vcf file, would cause the app to crash and restarting it would also cause the app to crash.

After posting about the "chaiOS" bug on the GitHub page, it was taken down by administrators before being restored a few hours later.

chaiOS was first uncovered by Abraham Masri, who tweeted about the bug. Masri previously reported the issue to Apple and claims he released it publicly to "get Apple's attention".

Apple hasn't yet commented on the flaw, but we will be sure to update this article if we hear more from the manufacturer. If you are not on the latest beta build of Apple's software then it's good practice to avoid opening all links that might seem a little "strange" to you.

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