NFL, NFLPA to review how Panthers handled hit on QB Newton

Seahawks' Kam Chancellor shows praise for Saints QB Drew Brees

Drew Brees, Cam Jordan make sure Saints don't squander long-awaited playoff return

The Saints beat the Panthers, 31-26, to advance to the divisional round of the playoffs, and after the game, the boisterous Jordan shared some comical remarks about both Kalil and Carolina quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton absorbed a hard hit by Saints defensive tackle David Onyemata on a sack.

But the Panthers' announced Newton instead was tested for a concussion in the blue sideline tent, cleared and permitted to return to the game. - after missing only one play.

"This "Cam Newton's visor poked him in the eye" is the greatest storyline in the history of sports", Nowinski said. But in revisions to its concussion policy announced December 29, the National Football League said it would "require a locker room concussion evaluation for all players demonstrating gross or sustained vertical instability (e.g., stumbling or falling to the ground when trying to stand)". He also made one of the most important plays late in the fourth quarter when a near-sack resulted in intentional grounding on Newton, helping the Saints prevent the Panthers from coming back. Changes to the league's protocol - including the addition of a centralized unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant at the NFL office to monitor games - were spurred by the Savage hit.

According to the policy, if the protocol was not properly followed, the team is subject to discipline.

"Based on what the young man (Newton) said to me, that is what I believe happened", Rivera said.

However, the question could become whether or not Newton should have been taken to the locker room for evaluations.

'I know it was precautionary things for a concussion, but it wasn't a hit to the head it was my eye, ' he said.

Newton spent time on the ground after the hit. He was surprised to see Newton return to the game, he said.

This isn't the first time the Panthers have been investigated for how it has handled the protocol. "We romped him good". Jordan said. "Look, he like spun". I hate that I couldn't do enough to get a win today for a lot of guys that I think so highly of.

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