New Year's Day was another record-setting day for Apple's App Store

Pokemon Go Hits Top of Apple App Store in 2017 Thanks to AR Update

New Year's Day was another record-setting day for Apple's App Store

PixabayBuddybuild - what it does for app developers? Buddybuild is a Canadian based application development startup that aims to tie together CI, CD and a feedback solution in one platform.

Apple keeps on ramping up its efforts to court developers by making it easier to create and iterate their apps for iOS platforms.

The price of the deal wasn't disclosed. "We've always been proud to be a Canadian company, so we're also pleased that we will be staying right here in Vancouver - a hotbed of developer and engineering talent", the team wrote on its announcement blog post. In a business sense, Apple buying Buddybuild is a move to beef up the iOS ecosystem against rival Android by Google.

Buddybuild's service will continue to be available to existing customers as a standalone product through the company's site - though new customers will no longer be accepted through that portal, beginning today. That will go into effect on March 1, 2018.

Now, the acquisition of BuddyBuild could help Apple up the number of downloads, which is still behind Google's Android.

The system should fit nicely into Apple's existing set of tools, bringing additional methods for testing, debugging and deploying mobile apps through a proprietary channel. This will further boost the make of an iOS app and run unit or user interface tests in the follow-up.

In December, Pokémon Go went to the top of the App Store charts after receiving an update which included part of the game being built around Apple's ARKit framework which provides a more detailed and realistic gameplay. Even more, Buddybuild has also stopped accepting any new customers.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook loves to tell analysts during their quarterly financial calls that Apple's services is a huge new force at Apple.

Vancouver-based Buddybuild was founded in 2015 by former Amazon employees Dennis Pilarinos and Christopher Stott. Within three years since its birth, the startup has managed to make a profit of around $8.8 million. Some of the other clients include Mozilla, Hootsuite, Reddit, SoundCloud, FourSquare and The New York Times.

As Apple acquires BuddyBuild, it is not just looking to expand on greener pastures like coming up with its first scripted television series but also keeping a strong hold on what they are known for!

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