New iPad With Face ID Hinted At In iOS 11.3

iPhone users will be able to download medical records from hospitals after Apple software update

Apple update to enable users to see health records on their iPhones

In the coming months, more medical facilities will connect to Health Records and be able to offer their patients access, Apple says.

Classical features are no longer enough when it comes to Apple equipment. iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3 developers introduce AirPlay 2 features, an fantastic detail allowing for multi-room music playback on Apple TVs using your iPhone.

Developers are getting a beta version of iOS 11.3 now, so that they have time to make sure their products will be compatible with the new software.

While not yet available in today's iOS 11.3 beta, Apple's planned updates for battery and performance monitoring will let users view information on the battery health and power management behavior of their devices.

An executive with MedStar Health said the enhanced app would help improve the patient experience.

Are you looking forward to release of iOS 11.3? Apple also updated its other devices including Macintosh computers, the Apple Watch and Apple TV. Failing that it may not appear until September at the next iPhone launch - which could be a worthwhile wait for those hoping the top notch gets ditched. To be integrated into Apple's Messages tool, Business Chat will let users handle a variety of interactions with participating companies, ranging from customer support and appointment scheduling to paying for purchases with the help of Apple Pay. Apple's Augmented Reality platform is updated to version 1.5 and brings along item recognition and better control over inserting objects. The Business Chat will take place in the Messages app, which is where users are already getting text messages.

They also will receive regular notifications for lab results, medications and other health-related information.

Moreover, there is a new Privacy icon introduced in the iOS 11.3 that will show up whenever Apple asks you for info.

Advanced Mobile Location - also known as "AML" - automatically sends the user's location when they the emergency services.

One of the major updates to iOS 11 itself include an updated ARKit. Note that Microsoft has been reliably open about its plans for Windows recently, allowing users to preview new features under development through its Windows Insider program.

What's more, the release will bundle a total of four fresh Animoji - a bear, a dragon, a lion and a skull - in addition to a new Health Records section of the Health application and a slew of enhancements for ARKit, Apple's AR framework.

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