Mayors in 10 USA states push again towards Trump's anti-cannabis crackdown

Jeff Sessions is tainted in the eyes of Donald Trump

Report: Despite Efforts To Overcome 'Sin Of Recusal,' Sessions Still In Doghouse

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But Congress can and must stop Sessions.

She marveled at the difference between buying a legal bag of weed from the times in her 20s when she was buying marijuana on the streets, a situation she said exposed her to contaminated products and unsafe situations. "But even if those existing markets continue, local and state regulators are looking at what the federal government is doing and they may refrain now". That finding was made by the Obama Administration in 2016 after a lengthy, exhaustive review of all relevant scientific and medical evidence by the Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

"The announcement was largely symbolic", said Patrick Moen, general counsel of Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based venture capital firm that invests in marijuana businesses.

"The three most common business taxes that any standard business pays to the federal government are federal business taxes, payroll taxes and sales taxes". The case against Lopez-Serrano began in late 2011, according to DOJ, and resulted in the collection of more than 34,000 pounds of marijuana, about 3,000 pounds of meth, about 5,000 pounds of cocaine and about 200 pounds of heroin. Trump's Republicans love states' rights.

It took just one week for the American public to send a clear message to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Keep your hands off of our legal marijuana and we don't care much for you or your politics.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling, the top prosector in MA and a Trump nominee, said he can not "provide assurances that certain categories of participants in the state-level marijuana trade will be immune from federal prosecution".

Lelling's comment echoed what U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said about the federal prohibition on marijuana during his Senate confirmation hearing, effectively: If you don't like the law, change it. "But if the legal market vanishes, the appetite for illegal Canadian cannabis could renew and it could strengthen organized crime in Canada".

"At this point, we have no details about what the attorney general plans to do or what is going to happen, but regardless this is going to slow down investment in one of the fastest-growing industries", said Jeffrey Paul, vice president of sales for Cannabinniers. Marijuana is not the same as heroin. Where is the Sanders bill to declassify marijuana?

With all the hype over California marijuana, purchasers are startled by the lack of places to get the coveted pot.

Again, the cat, the bag ... and, how would that federal law even be enforced at this stage? Sessions' unwise move on marijuana may backfire.

"He should focus his energies on prosecuting criminals, not patients", Gaetz said. Gaetz should consider proposing legislation.

I don't remember Ms. Pelosi pushing for federal deregulation when she was majority leader of the House. It's high time for new pot laws. And I doubt if she really wants the AG to substitute his reading of the will of the people for congressional mandates. Our responsibility is to fulfill all statutory mandates in establishing Ohio's medical marijuana program. But would Sessions' boss, President Trump, veto such a bill if it passed Congress? While an overwhelming number of Democrats opposed the approach championed by Sessions, the question cleaved Republicans.

To his credit, Sessions did not make enforcement of federal marijuana laws one of his national priorities and simply tasked the us attorneys in each state to follow existing principles for prosecutions. "That would be his top priority, and that is regardless of what the topic is". Almost half, 47 percent want marijuana laws determined at the state level, and only 32 percent believe it's a federal issue.

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