Kim Kardashian West claps back at Lindsay Lohan

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Kim has been slammed by followers who have accused her of cultural appropriation, and even Lindsay Lohan got in on the debate. "So guys, I did Bo Derek braids and I'm really into it", Kardashian said, referring to the 1979 movie 10, in which the model ran across the beach in cornrows and a bathing suit. "You could of called them either one but you called them "Bo derek" giving credit to a white woman for a black style knowing you already catch heat for culture vulturing (sic)".

"Hilton then posted a screengrab of that, writing, "@KimKardashian just responded to @LindsayLohan's comment on my photo of her new hair and I AM CRYING and squealing and gagging!

However some fans stuck up for the reality star or made light of her new locks with a series of memes.

"I am confused", Lohan commented, to which Kardashian replied: "You know what's confusing...your sudden foreign accent".

"Kim Kardashian got on Fulani braids and called them "Bo Derek" braids".

Do we take it that she's uploaded this less-than PG pic because it IS "on brand" for Kim K? She also added, "Between her pictures and her clap backs...." Oh my God is she not soooooooo on fire right now?

The Wendy Williams show host weighed in on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians celeb's latest photos on the "Hot Topics" segment of her show Tuesday, eliciting a shocked response from many in her audience.

There were a lot of racy pictures; We saw full boob... sure she has a handsome body, but so what.

Kim Kardashian West is pictured at the 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Mark Bradford And George Lucas at LACMA on November 4, 2017 in Los Angeles.

The reality star has received a lot of attention from fans and critics alike who say wearing the braids is cultural appropriation.

See, I told you she didn't care.

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