Kenya: Puzzle of Missing Nasa Principals at Odinga 'Swearing In'

Elders 'renovate' Uhuru Park with animal blood ahead of Raila swearing-in ceremony

Elders at Uhuru Park for cleansing ceremony

Kenya's Attorney General Githu Muigai declared in December that swearing in an alternative president would constitute an act of treason for everyone "facilitating the process", without naming Odinga specifically.

Citizen, NTV and KTN TV stations said on Tuesday that authorities took the independent broadcasters off air over plans to cover the ceremony at Nairobi's Uhuru Park. As a result, new suffrages were summoned in October, which were vetoed by the opposition and allowed President Uhuru Kenyatta to win by a large majority and start a second term.

Odinga criticized the government's media ban, saying that it confirmed his country has "descended to the level of Uganda", an African nation that had stopped media coverage of elections in 2016.

In a possible sign of division within the opposition alliance, Mr Odinga's vice presidential candidate and a number of other senior leaders were absent from the ceremony. Property of members of organized criminal groups can be seized.

Apparently the Wiper Party leader was expected to take oath alongside Raila Odinga since the presidency is a joint business of the president and his deputy.

Over the past few weeks, Odinga assured his supporters that he was ready to deliver them to the promised land of Canaan, the area in ancient Palestine that Israelites considered the biblical land God promised Abraham and his descendants-in this case symbolizing Kenya's political journey since independence.

Kenya's opposition leader will be sworn in as president on January 30, but there is one problem: Kenya already has a president, Uhuru Kenyatta. Police have vowed to block opposition supporters from attending the event.

Several people were killed in clashes over a three-day period during the vote.

Wachira Waruru, the managing director of Royal Media Services, which owns Citizen TV, said they are actively engaging the relevant government authorities to establish the reason for the action and hope to resume normal transmission soon. The Kenyan electoral commission disputed the opposition's claims and said their data was faked. Thirty-two year old hairdresser, Benta Akinyi said: "Odinga is the one we recognize as the president and that is why we are swearing him in".

Mr Musyoka did not say where he had been at the time of the ceremony at Uhuru Park and what prevented them from making their way to the venue.

Six-month-old Samantha Pendo suffered fatal injuries after riot police confronted a pro-opposition rally.

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