Free flu vaccines offered at county health departments in TN

Free flu vaccines offered at county health departments in TN

Free flu vaccines offered at county health departments in TN

According to ODH, the start of this year's flu season in OH appears to be similar to the start of the 2014-2015 fly season when there were 50 more hospitalizations on the last week of the year.

A letter from NHS England's Public Health Commissioning Team has instructed practices to order a separate flu vaccine for patients who are over 75 years of age, after Public Health England (PHE) announced in September that last year's vaccine was not "significantly effective" in older patients.

According to the Buffalo Trace District Health Director Allison Adams, Mason County has reported laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza.

There have been no reported flu-associated pediatric deaths in OH for the 2017-18 flu season, according to ODH.

"We've seen a 61 percent increase this week over the last week".

Oklahoma County recorded 159 hospitalizations, while Tulsa County recorded 120 hospitalizations.

Health officials on Friday reported 2,104 flu-associated hospitalizations for the 2017-2018 flu season, compared with 369 during the same period previous year.

People have been reminded that it is not too late to get a flu jab in Yorkshire.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable to the flu, especially when dealing with other illnesses that may make their immune system work overtime.

There is still time for you or your child to be vaccinated so that you can be protected against flu this season.

Flu season doesn't typically peak until January or February so there is still time to get a flu shot.

"The earlier you get treated, the better", Rasnake said.

"Each year the World Health Organisation determines which influenza strains should be covered within the influenza vaccination programme and the health services across the United Kingdom use these recommended vaccines as these are likely to be the most effective".

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