Exercise? I get more than people think, Donald Trump says

Farmway Village in Caldwell

Farmway Village in Caldwell

"He cares about the economy".

"I'm honored to stand here with the women across the administration, from all across the administration", Trump said. David Perdue of Georgia - defended the president on Sunday, saying they couldn't recall if Trump made such comments.

DONALD Trump insisted he's "not a racist" yesterday after reportedly branding African and South American countries "s***holes".

The President has denied he had used the word "shithole" but admitted being "tough" during the meeting.

Many Democrats say protection of young immigrants under the DACA program is a requirement for their supporting a budget deal to avert a government shutdown.

The rally would also hold in New Jersey, Atlanta, Houston and across other major US cities. The White House on Monday announced El Salvador has been removed from the list of TPS countries.

Mr. Trump has not been clear on the specifics of what he wants in an immigration deal, though he's participated in several discussions on the issue over the past week. "I've told him since and I want to say it again publicly, I respect him so much for speaking out". He preferred Trump's cooperative attitude in Tuesday's bipartisan meeting, but said emotions "ran hot" all-around.

When President Donald Trump claimed that he didn't want America to accept immigrants from "shithole countries" such as those in Africa - Trump has more or less denied saying this, but anyone who believes him needs their head examined - he was being a racist, a xenophobe and an all-around ignoramus. So far, allocating blame among everyone in the meeting because a Republican senator rebuking the president happened to quote the racist words the president had just said is the White House's most embarrassing spin attempt yet. "We don't want to shut down the government".

The furor Trump ignited with his reported use of a vulgarity about African nations in a meeting with lawmakers last week about DACA consumed the Sunday talk shows just days before the federal government is due to shut down absent a fresh congressional spending bill.

Word of Trump's comments threatened to upend delicate negotiations over resolving the status of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children. Sure, a president swearing in front of a group of politicians in the White House has a titillating appeal to it.

Durbin said Graham pushed back on Trump for his vulgar remark during the meeting.

Democrats have condemned Trump's remarks as "racist", a charge Sanders rejected as "outrageous".

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) said on Sunday that he heard from participants about the president's comments soon afterwards.

"When Dick Durbin called me I had tears of rage when I heard about this experience in this meeting", Booker told her.

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