CT doctor weighs in on dangers of 'Tide Pod Challenge'

In a Twitter post last week Tide warned that its detergent pods should be used for doing laundry and'nothing else. A video accompanying the statement included American Football star Rob Gronkowski who plays for the New England Patriots

YouTube Wants You To Stop Eating Tide Pods Because 2018 Is Weird As Hell

Health officials claim the trend could have "serious health implications", prompting YouTube to crack down on videos encouraging the challenge. Previous examples include the cinnamon challenge which had people trying to ingest copious amounts of the spice for no apparent reason.

Some videos showed people cooking with them.

The trend has gone viral on social media with videos and memes showing people eating laundry pods.

Jokes about the temptation to bite into the colourful pods have existed for years on social media, says Snopes.

They've gotten in on the craze (and poked fun at the absurdity of eating laundry detergent) by offering cheese rolls with all the Tide flare and none of the poisonous chemicals. And yet, actual thinking people are recording themselves consuming Tide Pods, which inspires others to follow suit on camera, begetting an endless cycle of Darwinian consequences.

In a a statement, YouTube said its community guidelines prohibit content that encourages risky activities that have a risk of causing physical harm. "We work to quickly remove flagged videos that violate our policies", the spokesperson told HuffPost. The decision comes after Tide's parent company, Proctor and Gamble, said it has "been working with leading social media networks to remove harmful content that is not consistent with their policies".

Even if it's being done as a joke and the person never intends to swallow the detergent, biting into the pod will likely make it squirt down their gullet.

"Laundry pacs are made to clean clothes", Renck said.

"The "laundry packet challenge" is neither amusing nor without serious health implications", Stephen Kaminski, the executive director of the American Association of Poison Control Centers said in the statement.

There have been 37 reported cases among teenagers so far in 2018, with half of the reports being intentional. "I was like well you know I'm on a diet right now but you know i don't think Tide Pods got carbs in them, might as well try it".

On Jan. 12, Tide posted a short video on Twitter featuring Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots explaining the use of Tide PODs.

The center pointed out that eating laundry packets is usually an issue for small children.

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