Cities across the globe welcome New Year

12_31_New Zealand NYE

New Year's Eve celebrations kick off as world welcomes in 2018

New Zealanders first welcomed the new year Sky fireworks in Auckland's Sky Towers, while in Sydney, Australia, millions of tourists were present at the New Year's reception near the Opera House.

For those living in Israel, the new year is still hours ahead at the time of writing. The artist collects wishes from people and integrates them in his work that will be displayed during New Year's Eve celebrations in front of Cologne's most famous landmark.

Sydney Harbour was lit up by fireworks. In the meantime, Japan's Buddhist temples will have celebrated the new year striking their gong 108 times at midnight, in an effort to expel 108 types of human weakness and prepare for new beginnings.

Samoa, a country comprising the westernmost group of Polynesia's Samoan Islands where less than 200,000 people live, was once one of the last places in the world to celebrate the New Year.

Fireworks at Auckland's Sky Tower kicked off the new year in the City of Sails. As the new year dawned, fireworks boomed and crackled above city centres and harbours, and party-goers sang, hugged, danced and kissed.

Authorities throughout China are also on high alert for stampedes or terror attacks at large public gatherings.

After spending an exhausting year that saw a presidency toppled by a corruption scandal and nuclear-armed North Korea firing missile after missile, South Koreans enter 2018 in need of a happy distraction.

New Year Celebrations were marred in Australia with an unfortunate accident after a seaplane crashed into a river on Sunday.

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