Bitcoins Helped This Rapper Become A Millionaire. Five Things To Know

50 Cent Just Remembered He Has $8 Million in Bitcoin

Rapper 50 Cent Makes $8 Million in Bitcoin: 'I Forgot I Did That'

The rapper proved himself a shrewd businessman - or perhaps just a lucky guesser - back in 2014 when he agreed to accept bitcoins as payment for his fifth album, "Animal Ambition". "I forgot I did that s--".

50 Cent remains one of rap's most entertaining figures, steadily beefing with his peers and dropping an endless stream of ridiculous quotes. Whether 50 really needs it or not is up for debate, but "forgetting" about an investment you made that's directly tied to the sales of your album, YOUR music that make money for YOU that will go into YOUR account, seems a little silly. -Instagram post, deleted later. The game company Zynga accepted it for some purchases, as did Dell and electronics retailer Newegg - and by the end of the year, so did Microsoft.

The rediscovered bitcoin collection should serve the "In da Club" rapper well; in 2015, he filed for bankruptcy protection, though creditors were left scratching their heads after he shared an Instagram photo flaunting massive piles of cash in a refrigerator, according to NPR.

50 Cent released Animal Ambition through his G-Unit Records, along with Virgin's Caroline Records.

Album sales were around 700 BTC which at the time was around $450,000. At that time when cryptocurrency was not yet known to everyone, the value of bitcoin was at around $662 each. 50 Cent described it to Complex magazine as being about prosperity and entrepreneurial energy.

Since then, the value of bitcoin has been volatile. "It's how he got rich and didn't die trying".

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