5 changes CBFC suggested to Padmavati before granting U/A certificate

CBFC's riders: 'Padmavat' instead of Padmavati and 26 changes

'Padmavati' cleared by CBFC, film title to be changed

Joshi's statement comes in the wake of criticism amidst reports that the CBFC committee made a decision to certify Padmavati with U/A certificate subject to five modications including a title change, despite opposition from some members of the special panel.

The Censor board issued a statement on Saturday afternoon saying an examining committee meeting held on December 28 had chose to allow release of the film with the above changes and and a UA certificate.

While the release date of the film will be decided only after the changes are incorporated, sources said the board's meeting has indicated CBFC's intention to clear its eventual release. The screening took place on 28 December and Joshi was present along with the examining committee members and the special panel, which included Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Chandramani Singh and Professor KK Singh of the Jaipur.

The modifications needed were shared with producers, Viacom18 and the director in a feedback session after the film was screened.

The board has also suggested modifications in disclaimers, adding one regarding not glorifying the practice of "Sati" and also relevant changes in the song "Ghoomar" to befit the character portrayed, Joshi said.

Padmavati or Padmavat stars Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmini, Shahid Kapoor as her husband, Maharawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as Allaudin Khilji. The film, which was initially scheduled to release on 1 December, has been dragged into controversies for alleged distortion of facts from Rajput history, with Rajput religious outfits, actively protesting its release.

The CBFC then set up a special panel to watch the movie. A long discussion ensued, post which the makers of the film were met as well, he revealed.

Padmavati is being given a U/A certificate by the CBFC, subject to some modifications, including the title, which is to be changed to "Padmavat", after Malik Muhammad Jayasi's epic poem of the same name on which it is based. "The members of the panel had insights and also some reservations regarding the claimed historical events and socio-cultural aspects which were duly discussed at length", Joshi said.

However, Singh wrote to the CBFC chairman, seeking a reply on seven points related to the film, before accepting or declining to be a part of the panel.

Joshi said the film was viewed along with a special panel of historians that gave its "perspective" on the matter.

Overall, Prasoon Joshi admitted giving the movie U/A certification "was an unprecedented and tough situation".

"I am glad that following a balanced approach, we resolved the task at hand in a pragmatic and positive manner".

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