Yemeni women protest for body of slain leader Saleh

Saudi Arabia continues to bomb Yemen's Sana'a despite calls for humanitarian ceasefire: UN

Trump: Saudi blockade on Yemen must be lifted 'for humanitarian reasons immediately'

The U.N. Security Council is calling on all sides in Yemen to de-escalate the sharp upsurge in violence and re-engage with U.N. political efforts to achieve a cease-fire without preconditions.

Germany's foreign minister says that the situation in Yemen is "probably the worst humanitarian catastrophe right now worldwide", worse than the Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh whose plight has captured global attention.

Dujarric said humanitarian flights, including by the United Nations and the Red Cross, resumed to Sanaa Tuesday morning.

Saleh's body, which had appeared in a video by the militias with a gaping head wound, was taken to a rebel-controlled military hospital.

Saleh's General People's Congress party said Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, his nephew and the leader of the elite Republic Guard, had died of wounds suffered in clashes this week in Sanaa.

Saleh's son Salah said on Facebook Tuesday that he won't receive condolences for his father's death until "after avenging the blood" of the former leader. He was killed by the rebels on Monday, leaving his followers in disarray. A spokesman quoted Aboul-Gheit as saying the worldwide community should label the Houthis a "terrorist" organization.

Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency quoted Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari on Tuesday as saying that Saudi Arabia, "on behalf of the USA and the Zionist regime (Israel), has a very important role in creating insecurity" in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, accusing Iran of backing the rebels, intervened in the Yemen war on behalf of the government the following year.

RSF's sources said the journalists were forced to surrender the TV channel's access codes, enabling the Houthis to broadcast their own content.

On Saturday, Saleh offered to "turn a new page" with the Saudi-led coalition if it stopped attacking Yemen and ended its crippling blockade of the country.

Saleh's oldest son meanwhile pledged in a declaration sent to Reuters to fight the Houthis and liberate all territory held by the rebels. He later allied with the Houthi rebels hoping to exploit their strength to return to power.

The war and blockade has plunged Yemen into a major humanitarian disaster, leaving 20 million people in need of aid.

But the Houthis swiftly crushed the pro-Saleh uprising in the capital and killed him.

The extent of Iranian support to the Houthis has been debated, but the USA and Britain have assisted the Saudi-led coalition with intelligence and refueling support for its airstrikes. But that alliance unravelled over the past week as the former leader reached out to the Saudi-led coalition that has waged an air campaign against the Houthis since March 2015.

However, in late November, the tensions between the former allies escalated and resulted in clashes that have already claimed lives of hundreds of people, including the ex-president himself. That seems to have pushed Saleh into flirting with the coalition, ultimately leading to the breakdown of the rebel alliance. Witnesses said the bodies of slain civilians and fighters littered the streets as ambulances were unable to reach them.

"They obviously care about USA support", Corker said. It is reported that only five people attended the funeral.

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