Thousands protest Jerusalem recognition in Lebanon

Protesters take cover from tear gas fired by riot police during a demonstration in front of the U.S. embassy in east of Beirut

Protests in Lebanon Near US Embassy After Trump's Jerusalem Decision

Lebanese security forces clashed Sunday with demonstrators near the U.S. Embassy in Beirut as hundreds protested President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

In Beirut, meanwhile, Lebanese security forces fired tear gas and water canons at protesters, some of them waving Palestinian flags, near the USA embassy.

The Associated Press reported that the protesters had burned effigies of Trump and US and Israeli flags in the street and threw projectiles at security forces blocking the main road to the compound. The police set up barriers on the roads to prevent demonstrators from storming the American embassy. "Most scattered. Four people dragged away a woman who seemed hit very badly with tear gas, and was unable to walk".

"I hear (from Europe) voices of condemnation over President Trump's historic announcement, but I have not heard any condemnation for the rocket firing against Israel that has come (after the announcement) and the very bad incitement against us", Netanyahu said.

The demonstrators included members of Palestinian parties, as well as Lebanese and leftists.

Lebanon is home to nearly half a million Palestinian refugees.

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, some 10,000 people rallied outside the US embassy on Sunday to denounce US President Donald Trump's decision.

Protesters are seen near the U.S. embassy in Awkar in east Beirut on Sunday

In the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Sunday, thousands protested outside the United States embassy, many waving banners saying "Palestine is in our hearts".

Among other things, the rioters reportedly burned U.S. and Israeli flags and an effigy of Donald Trump, sending plumes of black smoke into the air.

Leaders from across the globe made similar remarks in the days before and after Trump's announcement on Wednesday.

"We won't leave Jerusalem to the mercy of a child-murdering country", Erdogan said, accusing Israel of having no values other than "occupation and plunder". The Lebanese government has called on the protesters not to damage property in the area.

Standing at the far edge of Sunday's protest in Beirut, Faraj Shahin, a Palestinian, described the Middle East's leaders as "traitors" who had sold out her countrymen.

Late on Saturday, Arab foreign ministers urged the United States to abandon its decision and said the move would spur violence throughout the region.

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