Plane from Georgia skids off icy taxiway in Boston

A spokesperson for Jet Blue put out a statement on Twitter which read ‘JetBlue flight 50 from Savannah to Boston went off a taxiway shortly after landing at approximately 7:15pm. Firefighters are seen above boarding the aircraft after it skidded off

JetBlue plane skids off taxiway n Boston

As the AirBus A320 slid off of the runway, it span out of control, performing a 180 degree turn. "And, yeah, it started getting rough", said Steve Chisholm, of SC, who was traveling to Boston on Christmas Day aboard JetBlue Flight 50.

One Savannah man aboard that flight says the passengers felt a sudden gust of wind as the plane was landing. After ATC told the pilot an emergency crew would respond, the pilot said, "we just need a tow". Passengers applauded the pilot after the plane came to a stop.

Travelers walk past the tails of JetBlue airplanes in the airport terminal at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, December 22, 2016. Firefighters helped passengers from the plane after the spin.

At around 10am, the airport suspended take offs and landings, though it did re-open runways about an hour later.

Crews worked to clear the runways at Logan Airport Christmas Day during the peak of the snowstorm.

The airport was not the only area affected by heavy snowfall on Christmas.

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