Oklahoma, Louisiana leading nation in flu cases

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It can cause mild to severe illness. Australia had a really bad flu season, Fauci said, and they used a similar vaccine to what has been released in the USA this flu season.

The number of confirmed flu cases is high for this point in the season, according to OSDH. And the United States has the same vaccine.

Quadrivalent vaccine These flu vaccines protect against four strains of influenza-two strains of influenza A and two strains of influenza B. Including a second strain of influenza B provides broader protection.

Dr. Garner says even though the flu vaccine is still being adjusted to hour version of the flu strain, it is still the best defense against the illness.

There are not any risks associated with developing a universal flu vaccine.

This year's vaccine may have been mismatched for the flu strains that ended up circulating, making the vaccinations ineffective. That could eliminate the need for people to get new flu shots each year. Note that the nasal spray flu vaccine is no longer recommended due to a lack of proven effectiveness for preventing influenza.

"Unfortunately, this is an example of how serious flu can be", said Dr.

Though researchers are working hard behind the scenes to develop more effective vaccines, you should still aim to be proactive about your health.

The vaccine this year may not offer much protection at all. "We're not saying it's a great vaccine", Bregier said. "However imperfect, current influenza vaccines remain a valuable public health tool, and it is always better to get vaccinated than not to get vaccinated", wrote the authors of the perspective.

You should also practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands often with soap and water; avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Myth 2. You can't spread the flu when you don't feel sick.

Also, experts suggest getting the flu shot. When someone gets sick, they mistakenly believe the vaccine was the cause.

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