Microsoft Brings AI Powered Update To Bing

New Artificial Intelligence Features To Office 365

Microsoft is giving Bing more intelligence—and a dash of Reddit

Probably the most visible AI product that Microsoft has is Cortana, Microsoft says that Cortana has helped answer 18 billion questions and has 148 million active users globally. This will help in filtering out fake and biased news and provide much better search results to all users. Another feature that Cortana is getting is called skills chaining. The search engine is also partnering with Reddit to bring information from Reddit conversations, communities, and AMAs to Bing. The hope is that Microsoft, lacking a credible smartphone OS of its own, will instead be able to battle the likes of Google and Apple by playing up integration with Windows and Office 365. It works by providing users with another skill that is linked to the Cortana action that you have prompted.

If chatty electronic personal assistants are more your drug, Microsoft has packed a number of new features into Cortana.

"As a search engine we have a responsibility to provide answers that are comprehensive and objective", said Jordi Ribas, Microsoft's corporate vice president for AI products.

Intelligent features in the all new Photos app for Windows 10 make it easier to manage, search and create videos to bring your memories to life.

Cortana will soon be able to sort your mail and provide summaries of the most important ones. For example, if you are using Cortana to book tickets to a concert, the assistant will ask if you'd like a calendar reminder on the evening of the show. With the partnership with Microsoft, Reddit is expected to utilize the AI expertise along with Reddit data. Office Insiders will be seeing this feature later in December, experiencing the power of machine learning first hand as the feature gets used by more customers. On Wednesday, Microsoft released a preview of Office Insights, a technology that applies machine learning to suggest pivot tables and charts showing trends based upon your data. The feature leverages machine reading comprehension to read and analyze countless documents to understand the web and surface answers more quickly and confidently. Commercial subscribers of Word Online and Office 365 will be able to use this feature in 2018. The CM Launcher with Cortana integration is now available in beta.

Outlook will notify you when it's time to leave for your next event.

"When it is time to leave for appointments, Outlook will now send a notification - with directions for both driving and public transit - taking into account current location, the event location, and real-time traffic information".

Earlier this year, we introduced the ability for OneDrive and SharePoint to automatically recognize the content within images and detect whiteboards, screenshots, receipts, and more.

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