Level Up: Nintendo Switch scores 10 million sold

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Level Up: Nintendo Switch scores 10 million sold

Nintendo said on Tuesday morning that it has sold more than 10 million Nintendo Switch game console units.

Considering the Switch launched just 9 months ago, it has done extremely well on the market. That number is still dwarfed by Nintendo's motion-controlled Wii, which sold over 100 million units over its lifespan.

The video game company has wholly disregarded the new consoles that their longtime business rivals, Sony and Microsoft, released and continued to focus on the Nintendo Switch.

The report claims that U.S. sales have not yet been disclosed by the company, but it is claimed that at least more than 2.6 million units were sold in the US.

A Nintendo Switch experience centre.

The other major reason for Nintendo's massive success with the Switch is a killer game line-up. It's a pretty incredible feat, especially because it's set to outsell the Wii U's 13.5 million lifetime sales by the end of 2017.

Nintendo HQ Visit

Last week, Platinum Games and Nintendo confirmed that not only Bay9onetta 3 is in development for Nintendo Switch, but also that the first two entries in the series are getting released on the console.

Both consoles have outperformed the Xbox One which only managed to hit the 10 million mark after a year.

First, it can let the player either play games on it as a handheld like a Game Boy Advance.

On a brighter note, the Switch has seen extremely high attach rates, with more physical games being attached to console sales than during the Wii's launch and heyday - although that's probably partly because Wii Sports was bundled with every Wii sold.

Have you picked up a Nintendo Switch yet? "The pace is one of the fastest in our own history and in gaming history". The Switch is likely to surpass that early next year - maybe even once Christmas sales have been totted up.

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