Is The Flu Vaccine Effective? Conflicting Reports Raise Questions

Is The Flu Vaccine Effective? Conflicting Reports Raise Questions

Is The Flu Vaccine Effective? Conflicting Reports Raise Questions

Dr. Karen Shelton, the health director for the Mt. Rogers Health District, said Thursday marked a change in the presence of influenza across the commonwealth. However, only about one-third of those tested to be actual cases of the flu, and almost all of those confirmed flu cases were indeed one of the three strains targeted by the current flu shot serum. For a widespread declaration, Shelton said, at least half the districts in the commonwealth have to confirm the presence of flu through hospital emergency room records. There have been no local flu-related hospitalizations that she knows of, either. "Provincial reports indicate that influenza activity is at expected levels for this time of year", she said.

Dallas County Health and Human Services report a three percent increase in positive flu tests between November 25 and December 2, the most recent week with reporting data. The shot itself is made up of dead or inactivated particles of a flu virus.

The first flu-related death has been confirmed in CT. Of those 250 centers, its Virginia locations are experiencing the highest rates of ILI.

The NHS explains that the main symptoms include a fever of more than 38C, a chesty cough, headache, tiredness and aching muscles as well as a sore throat, runny nose and sneezing.

To prevent getting the illness, experts say to wash your hands, wear a mask when you're near the sick.

H1N1, not surprisingly, still rings a bell with many people from the fall of 2009 scare, and all the clinics that were set up to get last-minute vaccine to children and those at risk as soon as possible.

Another common question is "why do I have to do this every year?"

According to NBC News, the flu vaccine in Australia is the same one available in the United States. In each case, distribution of the flu vaccine begins about 7 months later.

"Historically, when this is the dominant strain that we're seeing, we tend to have a heavier flu season". "It's still early to make a specific prediction, but all indications point to high flu activity, so it's important that people start getting their flu vaccine now".

There have been 1,143 confirmed cases in the state this flu season, according to a report from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The vaccine's effectiveness was limited in Australia, only being about 10 percent effective against Influenza A (H3N2), which was the predominate virus experienced there.

However, doctors insist we can not underestimate the importance of "herd immunity", and that the shot may be more effective as lessening illness in those who do get sick.

Michael Wiese, an epidemiologist for the Department of Health in Hillsborough County, said while flu seasons can be hard to predict, this year's strain could be concerning. "That is absolutely false". "So far we're hoping for a fair match with the vaccine, but we do know that vaccine efficacy is lower if you're frail or elderly or if you are a child under the age of five".

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